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Změna defaultního wp_ prefixu tabulek

Table Prefix Rename

This WordPress plugin facilitates renaming all WordPress tables with a custom prefix. Why do that?

Well, it turns out that the majority of exploits we've seen against WordPress-based web sites (this one and those for clients) have a very simple signature — they attempt SQL injection attacks with the assumption that the table prefix is set to „wp_.“ So why not just change the prefix?

Now this is nothing new, and other people have written it up or made plugins. But they require that one make the changes manually and/or live. Our version does the following in 2 easy steps with a button-click for each:

1. Creates a duplicate set of tables with the same structure/schema. 1a. Copies a coherent version of the old tables to the new tables. 1b. Makes a few changes to the data in the new tables with regard to the new table names. (all the while showing all executed queries to keep you informed).

2. Swaps to the newly-created set of tables.

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