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Vkládání a náhrada bloků dat – textu, PHP kódu, databáze


Sniplets is a generic text insertion plugin with support for an extensible processing framework. At it's simplest this means you can dynamically replace text in your posts with text that may be defined elsewhere, or created by some other module. For example, you can use Sniplets to perform syntax highlighting of files, execute custom PHP code, insert data from a database, and perform all manner of other useful tasks within a standard interface. On top of this, Sniplets can be automatically inserted at key points on a page. For example, you can automatically insert text on every RSS post.

  • Replace tags in a post with pre-defined text
  • Customizable placement points and templates
  • Apply processing modules to the pre-defined text to perform additional functionality
  • Automatically insert Sniplets in key points of a page (before post, after post, more tag, header, footer, comment form, sidebar, and initialization)
  • Apply pre-defined templates to Sniplets
  • Includes a Sidebar Widget to allow Sniplets in the sidebar
  • Custom modules can be written by the user
  • Fully localized
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