Užitečné pluginy, návody a šablony pro WordPress CMS

Testování šablony


The theme check plugin is an easy way to test your theme and make sure it's up to spec with the latest theme review standards. With it, you can run all the same automated testing tools on your theme that WordPress.org uses for theme submissions. The tests are run through a simple admin menu and all results are displayed at once. This is very handy for theme developers, or anybody looking to make sure that their theme supports the latest WordPress theme standards and practices.

Theme Unit Test »

The Theme Unit Test is an XML export of demo data that outlines most of the features built into WordPress, and while being mandatory for WordPress.org themes, it’s a good idea to quickly run through the tests when working with theme markets and client jobs. With this test you’ll know that your h6 tag is styled, that nested lists are supported, that images and videos won’t break your design layouts and so on. You won’t have requests like “I inserted a right-aligned image in the editor but it’s not right-aligned on the site”.

Essential Plugins for WordPress Theme Developers »

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