Publikování existujících příspěvků na Twitter a LinkedIn

Revive Old Post…et-old-post/

This plugin helps you to keeps your old posts alive by sharing them and driving more traffic to them from social networks. You can set time and no of posts to share to drive more traffic.

  • Share new and old posts.
  • Choose the time between posts.
  • Choose the number of posts to share.
  • Use hashtags to focus on topics.
  • Include links back to your site.
  • Exclude categories
  • Exclude specific posts.

Optimalizace sdílení na sociálních sítích

WPSSO - WordPress Social Sharing Optimization

Fast, light-weight, full-featured plugin for great looking shares on all social sites - no matter how your content is shared or re-shared! WPSSO gives you total control over all the information social website crawlers need, improving Google Search ranking, social engagement, and click-through-rates on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more — independently of any social sharing buttons you may or may not already use (sharing buttons are not required).

Automatické publikování na LinkedIn (a další sociální sítě)

LinkedIn Auto Publish…uto-publish/

The LinkedIn Auto Publish lets you publish posts automatically from your blog to LinkedIn. You can publish your posts to LinkedIn as simple text message or as text message with attached image. The plugin supports filtering posts based on custom post-types as well as categories.

The various mechanisms of posting to LinkedIn are listed below.

  • Simple text message
  • Text message with image
  • Share post content with public or your connections

Made by XYZ scripts.


Nextscripts Social Networks Auto-Poster…k-twitter-g/…r-wordpress/

This plugin automatically publishes posts from your blog to your Social Network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google Plus), Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, Delicious, Instapaper, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and many other. The whole process is completely automated. Just write a new post and either entire post or it's nicely formatted announcement with backlink will be published to all your configured social networks. You can reach the most audience and tell all your friends, readers and followers about your new post. Plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc.


Social (by MailChimp) is a lightweight plugin that seamlessly integrate with Twitter and Facebook.

Broadcast Published Posts

  • Automatically broadcast posts to Twitter and/or Facebook
  • Supports multiple accounts associated per user and per blog

Pull in Tweets and Replies as Comments

  • Automatically polls Twitter and Facebook for mentions of your post
  • Displays mentions inline with comments
  • Filter comments by originating source (Facebook, Twitter, or your blog as comments)

Comment as Facebook and/or Twitter Identity

  • Allow users to leave comments as Facebook or Twitter identity
  • Links point back to users' Facebook or Twitter profiles
  • Indicators let you and visitors know people are who they say they are

1-click Retweet/Share/Like…etsharelike/

Enables you to Automatically Publish or Self Publish your Blog Posts to 30+ Networks.

  • Facebook Profile/Wall
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Events
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • and more

Pluginy pro správu a publikování na Linkedin »

How To Post To Facebook From WordPress »

Twitter karty

Twitter Cards…itter-cards/

Add Twitter Card markup to individual posts. Supports summary, photo, and player types. This will turn your posts to pretty looking Tweets when you send them to Twitter. They'll stick out much more with a Thumbnail and Description. Generate inline content previews on and Twitter clients by including Twitter Card HTML meta elements for individual posts. All cards are a Twitter Card summary by default. Tap into the twitter_card_pro­perties filter to reference the Twitter accounts of your site or author.


Publikování příspěvků z Twitteru

Twitter Feed for WordPress…witter-feed/

The WordPress Twitter Feed Plugin lets you simply output any user's tweets into your WordPress page, template or sidebar! You can customise the username, number of tweets, and style of ouput.


Twitter Widget Pro…-widget-pro/

A widget that properly handles twitter feeds, including @username, #hashtag, and link parsing. It supports displaying profiles images, and even lets you control whether to display the time and date of a tweet or how log ago it happened (about 5 hours ago, etc).

Tweet Blender…eet-blender/

Tweet Blender is tag-aware and has support for multiple authors, lists, hashtags, and keywords all blended together. The plugin can show tweets from just one user or a list of users (as all other Twitter plugins do); however, it can also show tweets for a topic which you can define via Twitter hashtag or keyword. But there is more! It can also show tweets for multiple authors AND multiple lists AND multiple keywords AND multiple hashtags all blended together into a single stream.
Version 3 added a new widget that automatically shows tweets relevant to your blog post by taking post's tags and using them as keywords for Twitter search.

Latest tweets…test-tweets/

This widget displays a defined number of your latest tweets in your blog.

Vložení vlastního kódu do šablony

    // Your twitter username.
    $username = "MarekP";
    $tweetpoc = 10;
    $feed = "" . $username . "&rpp=" . $tweetpoc;
    $dopole = explode("<content type=\"html\">", file_get_contents($feed));

                $i = 0;
    foreach ($dopole as $obsah) {
        $vyhod = stristr($obsah, "</content>");
        $obsah = str_replace($vyhod, "", $obsah);
        $obsah = str_replace("&lt;", "<", $obsah);
        $obsah = str_replace("&gt;", ">", $obsah);
        $obsah = str_replace(" class=\" \"", "", $obsah);
        if ($i > 0)     echo $obsah."<br>\n";

Publikování příspěvků na Twitter

WP to Twitter…-to-twitter/

WP to Twitter posts a Twitter status update from your WordPress blog using your URL shortening service to provide a link back to your post from Twitter. The plugin supports a default Tweet template for updating or editing posts and pages, supports your custom post types, and also allows you to write a custom Tweet for each post which says whatever you want, using a selection of custom shortcodes to generate your text.


Twitter Tools…itter-tools/

Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.
Twitter Tools has taken this into account and you can safely enable both creating posts from your tweets and tweets from your posts without duplicating them in either place.
As of version 2.0 a plugin to do this with the service is included as an option.


This plugin allows you to automatically post your new posts on the twitter website.
Twitme does not work in combination with other Twitter plugins like "Twitter Tools". Make sure you disable those plugins before you install Twitme (This goes for any version of Twitme). auto Twitter poster…-poster-v10/

This WordPress Twitter plugin posts updates from your blog to your twitter account when you create a fresh post auto shorten URLs with TLI.TL url shortener.

Plovoucí lišta s tlačítky sociálních sítí

Swifty Bar…/swifty-bar/

Adds sticky bar at the bottom of post that shows category, post title, author, time needed to read article, share buttons and previous/next post links. This plugin can easily replace your social share buttons while giving readers better experience with much more options.

Smart Layers by AddThis…mart-layers/

Give your site’s visitors easy-to-use buttons to engage with your content. These social sharing buttons work as layers that overlay your site so not to disrupt your design. Velmi dobře konfigurovatelné

Digg Digg…s/digg-digg/

All in one social sharing plugin displays all popular social sharing buttons with count (uch as Twitter, Buffer, Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Digg, LinkedIn, Google +1, Reddit, dZone, TweetMeme, Topsy, Yahoo Buzz, StumbleUpon,, Sphinn, Designbump, WebBlend, BlogEngage and Serpd, Pinterest) nicely on your blog and make it look amazing, just like Mashable.

Facebook Like (Iframe or XFBML), support thumbnail generation, multiple languages, show faces and send button.

Buď umístěno u článku nebo jako plovoucí lišta.


WP Sticky Social…icky-social/

Plugin display sticky bar with icons and links your socials profiles. You can select from 22 icons, set position from top of screen, display sticky bar on right or left side, change text, icon and background color from administration.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Google plus
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr
  • Slideshare
  • Instagram
  • Delicious

    and more.


Adds a dynamic and fully customizable vertical box to the left of a blog post that contains links/buttons to popular social networking sites. For wide blogs, a vertical bar with popular sharing icons appears on the left of your post. If the page is resized below 1000px (default), the vertical bar disappears and a horizontal sharebar appears under the post title.

5 Ways to add social media buttons to your blog for easier sharing »

Série pluginů pro spolupráci s Twitterem

Simple Twitter Connect…ter-connect/…ter-connect/

Simple Twitter Connect is a series of plugins that let you add any sort of Twitter functionality you like to a WordPress blog. This lets you have an integrated site without a lot of coding, and still letting you customize it exactly the way you'd like.

First, you activate and set up the base plugin, which makes your site have basic Twitter functionality. Then, each of the add-on plugins will let you add small pieces of specific Twitter-related functionality, one by one.

Unlike other Twitter plugins for WordPress, this one helps you create your own Twitter application and identity, so your tweets from here show up as being from Your Blog, not from some plugin system. You'll never see "posted by Simple Twitter Connect" in your tweet stream, you'll see "posted by Your Blog Name". Great way to drive traffic back to your own site and to see your own Twitter userbase.

Current add-ons

  • Login using Twitter
  • Comment using Twitter credentials
  • Users can auto-tweet their comments
  • Tweet button (official one from twitter)
  • Tweetmeme button
  • Auto-tweet new posts to an account
  • Manual Tweetbox after Publish
  • Full @anywhere support
  • Auto-link all twitter names on the site (with optional hovercards)
  • Dashboard Twitter Widget

Jak přidat automaticky hashtagy

A standard tweet containing a prefix (such as “New blog post:”), post title and a link to that post is generated automatically by the plugin.To include post categories and tags as hashtags in order to add additional metadata along with the post title add this snippet to your theme’s functions.php:

add_filter('stc_publish_text', 'add_taxonomies_to_tweets', 10, 2);

function add_taxonomies_to_tweets($output, $id) {
        if ($cats = get_the_category($id))
                foreach ($cats as $c => $cat)
                        $output = add_taxonomy_hashtag($output, $cat->cat_name);

        if ($tags = get_the_tags($id))
                foreach ($tags as $t => $tag)
                        $output = add_taxonomy_hashtag($output, $tag->name);

        return $output;

function add_taxonomy_hashtag($tweet, $tax) {
        if (stripos($tax, ' ')) // Remove whitespace
                $tax = str_replace(' ', '', $tax);

        if (strlen($tweet) + 1 > 140) { // Check if the new tweet is not too long
                return $tweet;
        } elseif (stripos($tweet, $tax)) {  // Replace an existing word with a tag
                return str_replace($tax, '#' . $tax, $tweet);
        } elseif (strlen($tweet) + strlen($tax) + 1 < 140) { // or simply append it
                return $tweet . ' #' . $tax;

        return $tweet;