Tiketovací systém

Support Tickets

This is a plugin that allows you to have a ticket system (for customer service on your website). This way the users can send you a ticket with the issues that they are having, helping you avoid situations when you cannot keep track of requests and questions through tons of emails that may get sent to your spam folder. This was actually based on Contact Form 7 made by the same developer. It also has multilingual support for customers/users that may be located in various areas of the world.



WP-IssueTracker is a full (yet basic) issue tracking system to plug right in your WordPress powered site! Operating an issue tracking system has never been this easy!

WordPress Advanced Ticket System (50,- €)
WordPress Advanced Ticket System Advanced Ticket System

WATS (also known as WordPress Advanced Ticket System) is another plugin with ticket submission that turns your WordPress site into its own little CRM. In the backend, there’s an administration panel which has the ticket submission module, and the front end has associated pages creation. A little more advanced than the “Support Tickets” plugin if you are looked for extra ‘oomph’…I guess you would say.