Odeslání příspěvku na Kindle

Kindle This Widget

Kindle-This is a sidebar widget that displays a button for sending a blog page to a user's Kindle using free.kindle.com automatic conversion.

The contents of the current page are extracted and the title, post date, and content are formatted into a simple page that is sent to the kindle service for conversion into a kindle file. The results are not a web page, but a Kindle document so that links, images, embeds, javascript, etc may not appear.

The widget requires the user to enter his Kindle email id and the email address that is authorized to send documents to the Kindle service. The authorized email is not stored in order to prevent Kindle spam.

The widget uses only the free.kindle.com service so the document will appear on the Kindle device as soon as the user makes a wifi connection.


Send to Kindle

The Send to Kindle Button lets readers enjoy your blog anytime, everywhere on their Kindle devices and free reading apps.