Často kladené otázky (FAQ)


Sometimes it is really important to save frequently asked questions so the visitor doesn’t need to write a comment or post a support ticket. That’s why we decided to write a small plugin which does the trick.


FAQ-Tastic Lite

FAQ-Tastic is a free WordPress plugin to create and manage FAQs on your site. With multiple FAQs for various sections, this plugin is a great way of giving your users the answers to the most common questions that have been asked while allowing them to submit new questions. By optionally adding their email address, users can be notified when their question has been approved or rejected.
With FAQ-Tastic, you can easily make either a single page with a list of questions and answers or an index of questions linking to answers on separate pages.

Doplněk: AJAXify FAQ-Tastic

Used to add AJAX open close effects.

CM Answers

Enables users to post questions and answers (Q&A) in a Stackoverflow style. Plugin includes social media login registration and can be customized. Plugin also includes social media registration using Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, Twitter & Microsoft Live authentication. The CM Answers discussion forum plugin has many other unique features which allow administrators to customize it according to his or her needs.

WPMU Q&A - WordPress Questions and Answers Plugin