Publikování příspěvků nepřihlášenými návštěvníky

Možnost vkládání příspěvků neregistrovanými (ale i registrovanými) uživateli, bez toho, aby museli vstupovat do administrace WordPressu.

Form to Post
Form to Post

Create a WP Post from a Form Submission. Create a form using Contact Form 7, Fast Secure Contact Form, or just a plain form, be sure to name your fields correctly, then the form submission will be sent to a post.

DJD Site Post…d-site-post/

Write and edit a post at the front end without leaving your site. Add a (responsive) form to your site to write a post without having to go into the admin section. It allows for 'anonymous' or 'guest' posting (not logged in users). Captcha for guest posts. Now the plugin has a widget to include the form in a sidebar.


TDO Mini Forms…-mini-forms/…ress-plugin/

With TDO Mini Forms you can set up forms for visitors to fill out that are used to create posts.

This plugin allows you to add highly customisable forms that work with your Theme to your website that allows non-registered users and/or subscribers (also configurable) to submit posts. The posts are kept in "draft" until an admin can publish them (also configurable).

It can optionally use Akismet to check if submissions are spam.

TDO Mini Forms can be used to create "outside-the-box" uses for WordPress, from Contact Managers, Ad Managers, Collaborate Image Sites, Submit Links, Forum etc.

Použito pro přidávání příspěvků nepřihlášenými návštěvníky na serveru

WP User Frontend…er-frontend/

Gives ability to the user to create new post, edit post, edit profile from site frontend. So users doesn't need to enter the admin panel. Everything they need to do can be done from the frontend.

Guest Post…-guest-post/

A simple plugin that allows you to accept, edit, & publish guest posts to your blog without writers having to login to your WordPress Admin area.

One Quick Post…-quick-post/

One Quick Post is a WordPress/Bud­dyPress plugin that allows you to enable frontend posting on your blog; including for non-registered users. Enables building custom forms. Works with custom post types, custom taxomies, custom fields (meta keys).

Frontend Publishing…-publishing/ Allow your registered members to submit, edit and delete posts from the frontend.
This lightweight plugin allows you to accept guest posts/articles without giving your members access to the sensitive WordPress control panel. It will automatically filter out all the posts that don't meet the submission guidelines of your website. It can be a huge time saver if you have a very popular blog or article directory.

Really Simple Guest Post Plugin…-guest-post/

Really Simple Guest Post Plugin will help you to generate a guest posting form in the simple and easiest way. Submitted posts will be included with author name, email address, author url, post title, description, categories and keyword tags.

Frontend Uploader…nd-uploader/

This plugin is a simple way for users to submit content to your site. The plugin uses a set of shortcodes to let you create highly customizable submission forms to your posts and pages. Once the content is submitted, it is held for moderation until you approve it. It’s that easy!