Publikování příspěvků e-mailem

fórum k pluginu

Postie offers many advanced features for posting to your blog via e-mail, including the ability to assign categories by name, tag, include pictures and videos, and automatically strip off signatures.

Category and tag handling

  • If you put a category name or ID in the subject with a : (or in [] or between - -) it will be used as the category for the post
  • If you put the first part of a category name it will be posted in the first category that the system finds that matches - so if you put:
Subject: Gen: New News

the system will post that in General.

Using [] or -- you can also post to multiple categories at once:

Subject: [1] [Mo] [Br] bla bla bla


Subject: -1- -Mo- -Br- bla bla bla

would post to General (Id 1), Moblog, and Brewing all at one time.

  • You can add tags by adding a line in the body of the message like:
tags: foo, bar

or you can set a default tag to be applied if no tags are included.

Post to your blog using email (obecná informace z WP Codex).