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Appointment Scheduler - Appointy Plugin…t-scheduler/

Accept appointments from your clients 24x7x365 on your blog. Unlike other calendar tools, this plugin allows your customers to book appointments with you directly from your blog. It has a very powerful and simple Ajax interface which allows one click booking. With just one click your clients can see your availability in the entire month.

1. Sends SMS alert to client prior to appointment.
2. 2 Way Sync with Google calendar.
3. Supports multiple service booking.
4. Works at service level i.e. your staff can perform any service at any time on any weekday.
5. Powerful marketing tool to promote your services socially.
6. ICal support to sync outlook or any other iCal supporting application.
7. Allows you to accept pre-payments from your clients.
8. Can be customized easily to fit any business needs.
9. Can be used for service booking, resource booking, group booking and event booking.

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