Nastavení automatické aktualizace

WordPress 3.7 introduced automatic upgrades. Maintenance and security updates are applied in the background when a patch becomes available and someone visits your site. By default, the process only applies when updating minor versions — such as 3.7.0 to 3.7.1 — and takes no longer than 25 seconds.

Automated updates are especially risky if you:

  • use a large number of dubious plug-ins or complex third-party themes
  • want to control and manage updates yourself, or
  • have an especially nervous disposition!

How to enable major release updates

define('WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', true);

To stop the autoupdates of the WordPress core

define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false );

How to enable plugins updates

add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_true' );

How to enable themes updates

add_filter( 'auto_update_theme', '__return_true' );

Then enable the plugins updates

add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_true' );

How to completely disable the WordPress auto updates


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