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Relevanssi replaces the basic WordPress search with a partial-match search that sorts the results based on relevance. It is a partial match search, so if user inputs several search terms, the search will find all documents that match even one term, ranking highest those documents that match all search terms.

Relevanssi does some fuzzy matching too, so if user searches for something that doesn't produce any results, Relevanssi will look for similar terms. Strict phrases using quotation marks (like "search phrase") are supported.

The matching is based on basic tf * idf weighing, with some extra features added like a boost for words that appear in titles.

Relevanssi can create custom search result snippets that show the part of the document where the search hit was made. Relevanssi can also highlight the query terms in the search results.

Relevanssi can keep a log of user queries and display both most popular queries and recent queries that got no hits.

Relevanssi supports the hidden input field cat to restrict searches to certain categories (or tags, since those are pretty much the same). Just add a hidden input field named cat in your search form and list the desired category or tag IDs in the value field - positive numbers include those categories and tags, negative numbers exclude them. You can also set the restriction from general plugin settings (and then override it in individual search forms with the special field).

In addition of post and page content (including tags and categories), Relevanssi can index comments and pingbacks. It can also expand shortcodes in post content before indexing, so that everything the user sees on the entry page will be included in the index.


Dave's WordPress Live Search

Adds "live search" functionality to your WordPress site. Uses the built-in search and jQuery.

Better Search

Better Search replaces the default WordPress search with a better search that gives contextual results sorted by relevance.

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